A brand about the providing unfilitered answers to new university students

The mission

The mission for this project was to create a modern and visually stunning website that would effectively showcase the client's products and services. I aimed to design an intuitive user experience that would engage and convert visitors into customers, all while reflecting the client's unique brand identity.

The outcome

After weeks of collaboration with the client, I were able to create a website that exceeded their expectations. The new website had a fresh and modern look that perfectly reflected the client's brand identity. We designed a user-friendly interface that made it easy for visitors to explore the client's offerings and learn about their services, while also incorporating custom graphics and animations to make the website more engaging and memorable.

The impact

Today the website generates successful traffic to not only push the brand to students and create an innovative way of providing information to them, but to be the backbone of their business for the new few years. As a startup, creating a successful website that stays at the top of search results and attracts traffic that benefits the business is extremely important. We have achieved this through design creativity and optimized SEO engines.


Website Design
Website Development




Our story began when UniTru Co-founder, Eric, found himself answering questions from families visiting Penn State. Despite having gone on the Penn State sponsored tour, they were still left with unanswered questions. After talking to these families, Eric realized that universities weren't doing enough to provide applicants with the information they needed.Eric met our other co-founder, Jordan, an international student from Senegal and Dubai who had dealt with the same problem. Jordan, like many international students, was not able to visit the university in person.UniTru was created to offer virtual live and pre-recorded tours that make information accessible to anyone, whether they can access the universities' campus or not.


The process


As the designer for Techbnb's website redesign, I conducted extensive research and worked closely with stakeholders and developers to create a beautiful and functional design that provided a seamless user experience. I used wireframes and prototypes, incorporating user feedback to create a website that was both accessible and optimized for search engines. The end result exceeded expectations and supported Techbnb's mission of creating a sense of belonging around the world.


When approaching a design project, I gather information about the client's goals, brand identity, and target audience. I conduct research, brainstorm and refine initial concepts through feedback and collaboration with the client. I prioritize factors such as accessibility, responsiveness, and optimization for search engines to create a design that supports the client's goals and provides an exceptional user experience.


The process


During the Webflow development phase of the Techbnb project, I used the approved design to build the site's structure, add custom animations and interactions, and implement key features like search functionality and payment processing. I prioritized responsiveness and performance, and kept the Techbnb team in the loop with regular updates and feedback incorporation. By the end of this phase, the site was ready for testing and launch, and I was excited to see the project come to fruition.


The Techbnb website redesign was a success, resulting in increased engagement and bookings. Our custom search and payment processing improved user experience, and the responsive design ensured optimal performance. The updated design reflected Techbnb's brand, creating a cohesive look across platforms. A thoughtful design process led to a successful product that met the client's goals and exceeded expectations.